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Spotlight on AEG...

AEG is relentless in its pursuit of always being an idea ahead. In 2018 we are celebrating 131 years of bringing innovation into your home. Merging intelligent technology with responsive design by following the vision and design philosophy of AEG’s Peter Behrens – perfection in form and function. We will continue innovating and are committed to carrying our legacy into the future.

We thrive upon innovations that give you the ultimate feeling of mastery in your cooking, home and laundry care. We see your needs of today - and foresee the ones of tomorrow - so you can achieve results that don’t just meet your standards, but exceed them. We are AEG. And together with you, we are always an idea ahead.


Trust AEG washing machines and tumble dryers to keep your clothes feeling like new - even those one-of-a-kind pieces that are more than just fabric

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You can have full confidence with AEG to take care of your most delicate garments. All of the range comes with the woolmark, for peace of mind that your garments are protected
from going out of shape and skrinkage. Delicate woollens with 'hand wash only' care lables are kept flat against the drum during rotations to replicate flat drying.

The 6000 series comes with a ProTex soft drum system, This ensures they leave the dryer with reduced tangling and creases.

The 7000 series combines all the time and energy benifits of Prosense Technology with SensiDry Technology. An intuitive fabric programme using bespoke heat settings.

The 8000 series includes an innovative outdoor programme with precise time and fine temperature control to restore the water protection of the waterproof membrane on outdoor

Let AEG care for your garment and have peace of mind your clothing will be taken care of.

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Whether it's an oven element or a shelf that needs replacing, or perhaps you just want to smarten up your cooker if it's missing a control knob - whatever the spare parts you need you can buy them here, direct from us at AEG.

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Pioneering, yet simple. The new AEG ComfortLift® is the first dishwasher in the world that lets you gently slide and lift the lower basket upwards, raising your gleaming dishes and cookware to a convenient working height. Now, with a dishwasher designed around your needs, you can unload more efficiently and stack more effectively.

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