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Spotlight on Blomberg...

With over 125 years of production and expertise in the appliance and metal industries, Blomberg is recognised as a German quality brand in home appliances. Through an outstanding collection of environment and user friendly products Blomberg aims to bring harmony to the life at home.


Simplifying your laundry routine, Blomberg’s washing machine can make light work of your laundry pile. Powered by our energy efficient Optima Inverter Motor, which has also been designed to run at a lower noise level

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Blomberg’s fridge - it’s ability to withstand ambient temperatures as low as -15°C means it can even be stored in your garage. Frost free prevents ice build-up and ensures you never need to manually defrost the freezer.

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Washing your dirty dishes has never been easier. Adjustable settings and a choice of programmes give you sparkling clean dishes, every time.

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